I’m an architectural photographer. I photograph buildings, places and the spaces that connect them.

The parts of our built environment that appeal to me most, are the places that we have inherited – our built heritage. Photographing these places has gifted me with new ways of seeing.

Often, whilst lodged within a medieval transept or waiting for sunrise over a Jacobean palace, I’m overcome with a profound sense of wanting to share my experience. My way of doing this is through photography, videography and words.

This site is at the heart of what I do, capturing my everyday experiences and connecting to my photography, videography, and photo stories sites.

#vanlife: Andy travels the length and breadth of the country from a campervan (more here)

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Architectural and Interiors Photography, Videography and Commentary

“What each of us must do is cleave to what we find most beautiful in our human heritage – and pass it on. And to pass these precious fragments on is our mission.” 

— Michael Ventura


“Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to try and make sense of my surroundings. I lived in a northern industrial town called Middleton, and there were lots of dark, satanic mills. One of the first things I did was go out of an evening when the sun was setting and sketch them, to try and make them look beautiful. The urge has been there since childhood to try and get across to others the beauty of the built environment, whether that’s an industrial mill or a grand church.” – Interview with Naomi Marks for Cornerstone Magazine.